About us

We Strengthen Emergency Medical Service Systems

Our management hands-on experience involves planning, directing, supervising, and coordinating thousands of patient medical transports in six continents around the world.

Banerjee Ambulance Services serves companies and private clients around the world in identifying, arranging, and coordinating ground medical transportation for their patients and loved ones. We partner with medical transportation providers worldwide to help provide reliable transportation, high-quality coordination, and cost-effective services.

Our experience involves identifying, coordinating, and organizing scheduled medical transportation with a strong emphasis on aviation-related ground ambulance support and private clients.


Our Mission

We make sure our clients receive the best information and service in a timely and efficient manner.

We value loyalty, honesty, responsibility, and dependability. Our team thrives for performance, continuously striving for constant development and improvement.

We believe in effective communication as a way to prevent errors, save time, and unnecessary spending. We strive to perform each task to the best of our abilities and provide practical service solutions with an experience that is not only efficient and professional but enjoyable.


Our Vision

Our vision is to continue building a customer-oriented company with specialized personnel that treats everyone like family while providing personalized one-on-one service unparalleled in the industry. We are focused on growing our presence to become the premier Worldwide Ground Medical Transport Management Service.

We want to be your provider of choice for many years to come. Contact our Transportation Specialist and feel the difference in EMS ground support now!